Support Your Favorite Berkshire Restaurant By Purchasing A Gift Card

With the Coronavirus pandemic, we all know how hard we as individuals, as well as businesses, have been affected. The hospitality industry has been hit hard, with restaurants suffering terribly.  Many restaurants are offering take-out and delivery to try to stay afloat, but they need more, they need your help and support.  One of the greatest ways you can help your favorite restaurant during this time is by purchasing a gift card.  This allows the restaurant to continue to exist through this tough time, to be here for you in the future and to send a special “Thank You” for being there in the past.

Simply select the Gift Card dollar amount and enter the restaurant’s name and we will see that it gets to them.

When you order a Gift Card, 100% of the money you pay, will be given to that specific restaurant, with no fees or charges deducted.  We have close relationships with many of these restaurants, as you do, and want nothing more than for them to get through this difficult time.

Many restaurants do not have a way to order a Gift Card online, which is why we feel this offers you the opportunity to support your favorite dining establishments.  Whether the amount is $25 or $500, it is welcomed and needed, so let’s work together and do our part to help our local restaurants.

Thank you.
Berkshire Dining